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The waterfall necklace style has been a fashion favorite over the past few years, but you don’t just wear it with anything. Based on the bib necklace concept, the waterfall has long strands of beads that can sometimes hang as long as a foot or more! And some are more dressy or casual than others, so you’ll have to think smart about which type you pair with your outfits.

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Let’s say you’re heading to a gala wearing a stunning monochromic gown with a deep v-neck. That’s the perfect time to introduce a beautiful contrasting waterfall necklace with the earrings and bracelet to match. It not only complements your neckline, it flatters the dress without competing. It also keeps the outfit sultry and classy, leaving something to the imagination. Coordinate the shoes and bag with your color palette and you’re off!

What if you’re pulling a round neck skater dress for the office? Depending on your work environment, you can still pull off a waterfall necklace. (This is more appropriate for business casual settings.) Choose your necklace color based on the color scheme of your clothes, then pick the shoes and bag to coordinate.

Is this appropriate for church? Absolutely! By now, you’ve probably noticed that the point is to let the necklace take the show. Don’t pair it with an outfit that requires a jacket. The waterfall necklace needs to shine. It needs to breathe. It can’t be tamed or put in its place, so let it be free. Jackets will downplay a waterfall necklace, so go with a less bulky necklace if you must wear a jacket. Other than that, have fun chasing waterfalls with Demure Woman. We have multiple options to choose from. Don’t see the color you need? Tell us what you need in the chat and we’ll place a special order for you at regular price.

Happy styling!

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